divendres, 9 de desembre de 2011

Takapuna and Santa

Today between packing my stuff I went to Takapuna. An Auckland suburb full of small shops and lively. The best: the marvellous beach next to the road. A quiet area but at the same time plenty of live. By the way, the bus to get there is cheaper than to go where I used to live in homestay!

What I found curious was the Christmas decoration. The streets are full of Sant going to the beach, surfing, lying etc.

When I arrived at home, packing again. But as I got estressed again, a visit to Mission Bay (the closest beach to the city centre) helped a lot! This was the second time I went there, the first one was on winter. Still a nice place.Tomorrow Piha beach. Such a life!!!

This week is a hard "good bye" week. Even thought I'm not leaving New Zealand yet, almost all my friends are going back home while I'll be traveling around. Sad times. But I prefer to think that maybe some day I'll meet all of them sooner or later in whatever place of the world, the ones that are already at home and the ones who will in a few days or weeks.

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Albeta ha dit...

I com et vaig dir un dia... Podràs anar a visitar-los als seus respectius païssos... i ells vindran aquí... Bonic, molt bonic!

Aquest Santa surfero és la canya xD

Alba ha dit...

Bé, mai se sap!
Pobre Santa!!! :P Quanta feina que té!!! si a més de repartir regals ha de fer tot això jajajajaj! :P